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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Day with Grammy

Jenna spent the night with us on Monday, and on Tuesday her first day of summer vacation as a third grader entailed a visit to my digital photography show and a fine juried exhibition of the Western Ohio Watercolor Society (WOWS)at the Town & Country Fine Art Center in Kettering. She loves to look at art and point out what she likes--she has a discerning eye. In her suitcase she had packed a picture she drew over the weekend--a big, juicy apple and a bunch of bananas, life-size and in color. I was astonished. An artist at the gallery recognized her from the watercolor I included in The New Creative Artist>. She's used to that. We ran a few errands, then picked up a kit from JoAnn Fabrics so I could begin teaching her to sew. She made a monkey and named him "Banana-Split."

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Photography Show Invitation

Art-to-Art Palette Journal

Haven't been blogging and Web site-ing (new verb) much. Thought I'd catch up on Ben Rayman's Art-to-Art Journal. I enjoy reading the artist profiles--kind of a Facebook of the Midwest.

Photoshop Elements class ended last week, so I have recovered one day. I'll miss the class, but I'm glad to have the time back. I learned so much.

My digital photography show is extended to June 19 and I finally got the PR sent out today. I need a manager! (Or a keeper, more like.) I'm taking tomorrow off so I'll be raring to go on Monday on a couple of other projects.

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