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Monday, April 21, 2014

A Watermedia Collage Series on Trees

One of my students in Exploring Watercolor has been working on an interesting series. Jane let snow fall on wet watercolor to make textured backgrounds. She cut the colored papers into squares and attached them to black backgrounds. Jane painted the trees with watercolors. [Note: The patterns are precisely straight, but some curvature appears in the photos.]

I love what she's doing with these. Today she used this treatment on a redbud tree and it is spectacular! My class is constantly surprising me.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Adventures in Creativity, Collage, & Water Media May 5-9

Ocean City Center for the Arts, Maryland. Email Ann Terrell
Free your creative spirit in Nita Leland's workshop, where the emphasis is on you. Access your creativity in sketches, capturing images and quotations in a sketchbook. Try new color and design ideas; experiment with abstraction; play with mixed media, learn basic collage techniques and more. You'll benefit from helpful daily critiques tailored to every skill level and useful tips on goal setting in a fun and friendly atmosphere. A free private consultation with Nita on one or two pieces of current work is optional.

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