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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Two new art instruction DVDs

These two videos were filmed in August, a month or so before the new collage book was released. I felt like I was under a lot of pressure, but they both were fun to put together. My past experience with ANTV two years ago was a little crazy. They shot two videos in one day and, as a result, one was very short. The hired crew quit at 6 p.m. and that was that. I was so tired I almost got lost driving home from Cincinnati.

This experience was altogether different. Jennifer Lepore Brune coordinated the production and an assortment of helpers popped in to swap out my materials and fetch clean water for me. Both of my editors, Stefanie Laufersweiler and Holly Davis pitched in, as well. Everything went so well. The camera guys, Phil and Ric, were fun to work with over the two days of the shoot. They were good at getting multiple close-ups and zooming in on the hands-on shots.

You can read more on my Web site about both DVDs. Creative Art Class has 100 minutes of instruction.
Collage Art Techniques is 75 minutes long. Both are packed with information and demos.

For online previews, search the titles or "Nita Leland" at ArtistsNetwork.tv

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