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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Watercolor homework and pet peeves

My small class of beginners is doing their homework. I was pleased yesterday to see so many had been practicing between classes. They'll progress rapidly that way. They're getting the washes and brushstrokes very well. The biggest problem is getting enough paint on the paper to make dark values without the paint being too opaque. One student, who missed the first two classes, showed up this week. Since I review basics every week at the start of the course for beginners, I figure she can pick up some of what she missed from that. It's hard to start in the middle with a new student. An instructor can't take time from the rest of the class to re-teach two weeks of lessons. Please, folks, if you sign up for a class, at least try to make it for the first few classes. Oh...and be on time. For every class. Now you know a couple of my pet peeves.

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