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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

New Drawing Book

Bert Dodson, author of my favorite drawing book, Keys to Drawing has just released his new book, Keys to Drawing With Imagination.." The book is a humdinger. This is in no way an update or revision of his earlier book. The title truly indicates the direction the book takes from the very first doodle. Dodson first shows how you can begin with simple drawings or doodles and transform them by using a lightbox to duplicate, reverse, flip, combine and pattern your drawings with creative, imaginative results. "Doodling and noodling" is a recurring theme. Starting with the first doodle, Dodson shows how to play with line and pattern and make them morph and grow into imaginative creations. His variations on drawing principles are engaging and the activities are fun and exciting. But I don't think this is a book for beginners. His first book covers all that. This new book is for more advanced artists who need a diversion when they're stuck, ways to transform ho-hum drawings, and challenges for more creative techniques. Dodson showcases the work of several designers, who have no doubt done a lot of doodling and noodling on their way to the top. The spiral binding makes it easy to work with the book on the drawing table. Prepare to be amazed at what you can do with a doodle.

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