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Saturday, March 15, 2008

I can see clearly now

The rain is gone and this morning was replaced by a thick blanket of fog. I say I can see clearly now because I am reminded of why I am happy living in Ohio. I love fog and rain and snow and sunshine, the changing seasons and weather. I'm blessed to be able to travel here and there throughout the country and enjoy different climates, but I never regret having to come home, regardless of what weather conditions await me. It was lovely being in Florida three weeks ago when the temperature was in the teens in Ohio and, even more so, escaping the blizzard to New Orleans. But now that I'm back, it pleases me to look out at the fog and rain in the woods. Recently I completed a fog painting for the new book and I recalled how much I used to enjoy painting what many think of as dismal weather conditions. I guess we have the gray days so we can fully appreciate the sunny ones.

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