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Monday, April 30, 2007

A bouquet for Jenna

Yesterday we walked through the woods and picked violets and lily-of-the-valley. Jenna held them tightly and kept sniffing the fragrance of her bouquet. She said the flowers smelled pretty. She had a bouquet four or five inches in diameter before we finally took them inside and wrapped the stems in a paper towel and immersed them in a paper cup filled with water. They were still fresh when she and her mother took them home. I wish I had a picture of Jenna sniffing the violets, but I didn't want to spoil the mood by rushing inside to get my camera. The moral to this story is to be sure I have my camera--at least the little pocket Nikon--whenever I'm with her.

We've always let her pick impatiens blossoms when she visits, but I'm trying now to show her that she can only pick certain flowers, especially in the woods. There are so many different wildflowers blooming. I pointed out to her that the only ones we could pick were the blue violets and lily-of-the-valley, plus a few white violets that are flourishing. She seemed happy with that and certainly enjoyed her fragrant bouquet.



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