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Monday, April 30, 2007

Book Review: Hand Decorating Paper

Searching for information on making paste paper, I found Hand Decorating Paper by Marie Browning (2002). It includes many hand-decorated papers with easy instructions and projects. Here are some of the papers you can make: antiqued, batik, batik with paint resist, block-printed, bubble, color transfer with tissue, faux leather, laminated, marbelized (three ways), nature prints, paste, rubber-stamped, splattered, sponged, spray-painted, stenciled, tie-dye and watercolor textures. Wow! This is a treasure for collage artists, but also for watercolor painters who would like to try something different for a background or texture in their paintings. Most supplies are relatively simple, but techniques may take different paper or tools. You'll be inspired to make up your own variations once you get started. These activities are great blockbusters. When you're finished playing, you have a stack of papers to use in art and craft projects.

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