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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Taos creative Photoshoppers

Jerry Walter and Rick Finney continue to amaze me with their digital photographs altered in Photoshop, shown here. I asked Rick to send me some information on his process in the florals, and I confess it's way beyond me: gradients, masks, layers, frames, hyper-tiling and watercolor effects. Jerry's soft image is a watercolor effect. I offer these images to give you an idea of what creative artists can do with Photoshop. I love painterly images where distinctions between painting and photography disappear.

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Blogger dolci said...

Nita, These images are beautiful, colorful visuals. I enjoy looking at them with wonder. I don't know photoshop at all and was advised recently to try it to "fix" a painting that I produced. I guess I'm ready to take that step. There's so much potential here.
Here's my delemma; is digital art removing some of the authenticity of artistic expression? I work mainly in watercolor. I love the soft shading created by hand painted pieces. Am I being too judgemental?
I love your blog, and I follow your stuff on Facebook.
Thank you for listening.

9:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoa! These are fascinating. The third one down in particular really speaks to me. Thanks for showcasing them Nita.

3:56 AM  

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