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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Stepping off the pincushion

Might as well, since I learned yesterday that the books-in-house date for Confident Color has been moved to September 18, three weeks later than previously announced. Maybe that's a good thing, giving me more time to do some publicity. I've fallen behind on everything because of workshops and family obligations.

The workshop at Peninsula Art School in Door County, Wisconsin, was great. What a fabulous facility and beautiful area. I seldom have an opportunity to see much of an area when I'm teaching, but I did manage to drive up the west coast of the peninsula and see some of the beautiful little towns, beaches and marinas. I've heard there are a lot of lighthouses there, but I never saw one. The art school is worth investigating, as they have a well rounded program, including painting, drawing, metal work, classes, workshops, lectures and much more. My workshop was a three-day crash course in color and design, working with collage and monotype techniques. The students worked hard and it looked like they were enjoying themselves.

My regular baby-sitting duties have ended and my days have already filled with other activities. I will so miss the our baby boy's sloppy hugs, wobbly walking around the furniture and wild rides across the kitchen floor in his walker. He'll be a year old on Saturday and I don't imagine he'll admire his birthday cake with restraint once he has tasted chocolate.

I'm going over to McCallister's Art Store for the last time today before they close. I've been putting it off because it makes me sad. I feel bad for the owners and for the artist patrons who have stuck with them for so many years.

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