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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Collage and Monotype

Yesterday the creativity workshop made collages and today, monotypes. I introduced basic techniques for both and turned them loose. This isn't about creating artworks, but more about trying new strategies for stimulating creativity and breaking blocks. These are good artists and willing workers. Fortunately the facility is spacious, because they are producing a great deal of work and it's spread on the tables and floor throughout the room, so you can hardly walk around. I took photos yesterday before critique, but there was so much work I couldn't possibly get it edited to post on the blog. I love it when a class is this involved. One of the items I showed them that has been an eye opener is a pH testing pen by Lineco. They're using it to test their papers for acid content. It's a handy tool.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd still like to see the photos!

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