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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Looking ahead to Canada

Next Saturday I'll be flying to Sidney, British Columbia, to teach a Creativity Workshop. I've taught in Vancouver, Mission and Kelowna out there, but I haven't been to Vancouver Island before. I'm looking forward to it for several reasons, the first of which is meeting new people in the workshop and playing with creative ideas for four days. Every group is different, so it's always fun to see what comes up. I'm also hoping to see some of Emily Carr's work, but it may be hard to do because of the hours I teach. Most museums close before I finish teaching. In any case, the thing I'm really looking forward to is a reunion with two Canadian friends, who met me and my friend in Albuquerque ten years ago for a 10-day tour of Santa Fe, Taos and Abiquiu, Georgia O'Keefe's home place. It was a blend of sightseeing, art-talking and spiritual bonding unlike anything I've experienced before or since. Donna lives on the island and Lynn is coming over from the mainland on Thursday, the last day of my workshop. We're going to Donna's until Sunday. I feel like I'm going on a retreat. After this hectic spring, I'm ready for renewal.

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