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Sunday, June 10, 2007

How not to design a web site

Every artist who has or would like to have a web site should read Charley Parker's rant on web site design. He hits the nail on the head on nearly every point. I reread it this morning, including the 88 comments, which were interesting, too. Most felt the article was right on. Some didn't like the negative approach and sarcastic tone (which, by the way, isn't at all typical of Charley's posts). A few were highly critical or downright nasty, almost as though they missed the point entirely.

Take some time to read the entire article and the comments. There's a lot of valuable information there and it's free. It looks like Charley is planning to follow up this post with helpful how-to articles, soon to be released. Stayed tuned.

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Blogger CMC said...

I read Charley's post on the website.......I totally agree with him on most all points. I, also, do not have a slide show with my images and have left them to just click back and forth. I actually don't think that is a problem since I make the thumbnails large enough to see the "design" of the whole work. Will think about changing if I have time and it's not too much trouble.

10:37 AM  
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