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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Scrapbooking--an art for everyone

My name is Nita. I'm a Scrapaholic. I've been scrapbooking for one day. I admit I enjoyed it. Here's my story. In 1998 I launched my web site www.nitaleland.com. I bought a digital camera so I could put pictures on my web site. In 2001 I upgraded my camera and began taking photography seriously, photographing wildflowers in Ohio, Colorado, Arizona and Massachussetts. I used a computer progam to print out pages of my pictures and put them in big notebooks. In a short time I was a Photoholic, but that's another story.

In 2002 our granddaughter, aka The Little Artist, was born and my photo habit accelerated. I was getting out of control. But I continued to print out pages, only this time the main subject was the baby, although I still photographed wildflowers. Three years ago my niece, who was a Creative Memories consultant, gave my daughter and me a lesson in scrapbooking. We both bought all the stuff--albums, croppers, snippers, scissors, templates--you name it. My daughter made albums of baby pictures while her husband was deployed in Eastern Europe. I sorted our family photos into shoe-sized photo boxes which are neatly stacked but haven't been opened for two years. The scrapbooking supplies are dusty. The pens may be dried up; I haven't checked.

Which brings me to my confession: on the occasion of our granddaughter's fourth birthday party at Build-a-Bear last weekend, I took 285 digital photos. Before you start throwing memory cards at me, let me explain the obvious fact that seven four-year-olds and their parents tend to move pretty fast and I expected a lot of blurry photos. There weren't that many. Still, I culled the photos down to about 125 and decided to make a SCRAPBOOK. A real one, not printed album pages.

I went to Scrapbook Studio at a Cord Camera shop. I found a 9" x 9" scrapbook that was Jenna's favorite color--lavender--with ten pages (twenty counting the backside). Just the right size for her--those 12" x 12" scrapbooks are cumbersone. I bought three purple background pages and two multicolored pattern pages, plus three sticker packs. Then the work began. It takes a long time to print enhanced photos, so I did some multi-tasking while the photos printed.

Yesterday I put the book together and got deep into the addiction. Sorting, cutting, cropping, arranging, adhering--this is one of the most labor-intensive projects I've ever done. And it's fun! Just playing with the background designs was fun. So was arranging the photos to tell the story of the Big Day. I finished eight of the pages in time to show them to the family at Jenna's birthday party for the Grandparents last night. I haven't written anything on the pages yet and am trying to decide whether to use the computer or handwriting. (Is there a transparent sticky-paper that you can inkjet print on?)

Well, I enjoyed scrapbooking, but it will be awhile before I do that again. Just wanted you to know that anyone can do scrapbooking--and you'll be surprised, if you try it, at how much you'll learn about design and color. Don't worry about becoming addicted. You can walk away, just like I did. Uhmmm. Where are my scissors? my oval template? Just...one...more...page....

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just found your blog today and enjoyed your post about your first scrapbook. :) Your grand daughter is adorable and I'm sure she'll love the album when you finish. And to answer your question - yes, you can buy transparency film at the office supply store that will go through your inkjet printer. Then just tack it down with stickers in the corner, brads or eyelets.

Happy Scrapping!

1:51 PM  
Blogger Michelle Himes said...

I loved the story about your birthday/build a bear scrapbook. I'm sure the little artist will love it.

My first scrapbook was pretty primitive. I made it together with 6 of my grandkids, then ages 2-8. We made a scrapbook about "PopPop" a year after my husband passed away, with photos of him and the kids, so that they wouldn't forget him.

My second scrapbook was done in Hawaii, where my daughter was living. She had all the neat scrapbooking "stuff" and lots of ideas, and my Hawaii scrapbook came out great.

Now I'm planning a "Family Tree" book, starting with photos of my grandparents. This can be almost as addicting as my watercolors.


2:29 PM  
Blogger Nat said...

LOL - I, as an addicted scrapbooker read your blog now for a while because I can learn so much from you - and now I have to smile about your post about scrapbooking.
another way to attach transparency is that you use acrylic paint at some corners to pep it up and then you can attach normal glue or gluedots and they are invisible.

2:53 AM  
Blogger Nita said...

Thanks for the tips on attaching labels. I went to office supply stores yesterday and found clear inkjet labels that I think will work. I emailed Avery.com to find out if they're acid-free. Anyway, I decided to do the writing by hand to make it more personal. After all, this isn't a publication, it's a scrapbook made with love for a four-year-old. I will try to make it legible, so when she can read, it will be easier to decipher!

9:37 AM  
Blogger MissBeth said...

I loved this post, i have been scrapbooking for years and it seems that the longer you do it the more you aquire and the futher behind you get !! I too tend to take WAY too many photos for that very same reason, if i got home and found out that i only took a few and they were all bad i would just die.
Have fun scrappin

12:51 PM  
Blogger Nita said...

At least with digital photos you don't have to print them all--just the ones you want to display or put in the scrapbook. The ones in the storage boxes aren't multiplying, thank heavens!

1:08 PM  

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