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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Scrapbook Windup

I finished the scrapbook yesterday morning. I selected eight photos of one or more of the adults who came and a special one of all the little girls. I arranged them in PhotoShop Elements, enlarging the girls' group picture and centering it on the page. I printed it on heavy matte brochure paper. Then I wrote in the names. This page is mounted inside the back cover.

Scrapbooking sure takes a lot of time. I sorted all our family photos several years ago and filled fifteen or more shoe-size boxes. I plan to make a special scrapbook for my motor-head husband, beginning with the little car he got for Christmas when he was about three years old. I made one page for his book and put it in The New Creative Artist.

If I can set up a corner where I can do a page now and then in the evenings, maybe I could eventually make another scrapbook. So many photos, so little time.



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