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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Pine Shores Art Association Workshop

This is such a great group. First, there was the gallery book-signing at Watermark Gallery in Tuckerton. Last night I did a slide presentation for the PSAA and today began the color workshop. It's a great group of fifteen--a good size for lots of questions and individual attention. I'm pretty beat, so won't go into detail today. Just wanted to check in. I'm staying in a private home on the bay with the sea breezes wafting in from the Atlantic Ocean. Sunny and cool. Simply lovely. Catch you later.

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Blogger Annette Bush said...

Gee. I've got cool breezes coming in from my backyard full of piles of leaves and overgrown bushes under a gray rainy sky. Your location sounds much better and the color workshop with you would be a treat! AAB

8:51 AM  

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