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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

New Creative Artist Reviews

I'm deeply appreciative of the people who've posted reviews on the Art-to-Art Palette Online and on Amazon.com. Palette publisher and editor Ben Rayman suggested that I might want to thank them on my blog. Sounds like a good idea. Thanks to these people for Palette Online reviews: Joan Crawford Barnes, artist, Lima, Ohio; Kate Eglan-Garton, (Indiana) senior editor, Art-to-Art Palette; Dr. Ralph Stuckman, educator, potter, editor, Celina, Ohio; Ben Rayman, editor and publisher, Art-to-Art Palette, print edition; Kay R. Sluterbeck, artist, writer, Van Wert, Ohio; Suzanne Kinstle Nocera, artist, Lima, Ohio; Janet Ravas, artist, Scotia, New York; Patricia Rayman, Ohio artist, educator, founder of Art-to-Art school program.

Many thanks, too, for five-star reviews on Amazon.com by Judy Galford, Sharon, Massachusetts; Pauline H. Healey, Fort Myers, Florida; Joan Barnes, Lima, Ohio; Kate Eglan-Garton, Indiana; and Roy Boston, New Zealand.

To all who are reading these words, please take the time to send an email to your favorite author or write a review on a book that has meant a lot to you. You have no idea how much it means to an author to read these reviews and know that his or her book has become an influence in the life of another person. This is what keeps us going. Thanks a thousand times.

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