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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hithergreen art show

My watercolor class is going to have their first exhibition starting on Monday, October 16. It will be the first show ever for most of them. I hope all will get up the courage to show their work. It seems to make a tremendous difference to people in how they feel about their work when they've seen it properly framed and hanging on a wall with other artwork. The show will be billed as beginner and intermediate so that should encourage most of them to participate. Several of the students are somewhat advanced, so maybe we should change that to "all levels." The show won't be juried. We have room for fifty-four paintings, so some may be able to hang two pieces if they want to. I won't see them for two weeks (Labor Day is a holiday and I'll be teaching a workshop in New Jersey the following week), so one of the students is going to make the announcement about the show. When I get back, we'll get into matting and framing and I'll help them pick something to show. Some will want to do a new piece, which will be great. I'm really looking forward to this. It feels like a big step forward for all of us. I'll post photos on the blog.

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Blogger Angel said...

What a wonderful blog. I'll be sure to bookmark it! I just love watercolors. I am in a process of illustrating a background around a complex pattern, think lots of tricky edges, so you may guess how many sheets of papers I have wasted trying to do this right. I might just try bying a commercial "blending medium" for slow dry, because the honey and glycerin I've tried didn't last through the whole page.
Good luck on your show, and post some pix soon!

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