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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Complaint mode

Recently I've received several calls on my voice mail from a bank unknown to me. They sounded like a scam, so I deleted them. Then my husband told me that an unauthorized online charge to his card was attempted the same week I got the first call. Neither of us had used the card. He canceled it immediately. We don't know yet whether there were any other attempts prior to cancellation.

I decided we should get our free credit reports to make sure there wasn't any unauthorized credit activity. Guess what I found out. The bank that has been calling us apparently now owns our credit card company. We have no record of this. We would certainly have responded to the phone alerts if we had recognized the caller as authentic. We're grateful that the illegal charge was declined, but it's annoying that we weren't notified of the connection with the bank that called.

FYI, it's very easy to get your free credit report and I recommend it. You can get all three at a site authorized by the FTC. (Many sites charge for membership in order to get your "free" information.)



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