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Monday, February 22, 2016

So, here's how it goes as the deadline approaches. All my ducks are in a row, except for two that are missing. They are small illustrations and easily replaceable, but I clearly remember having done them. I simply can't find them. I search through all my files of past books, both hard copy and digital, to see if I have misplaced them. They don't show up. So, I tell my editor I'll do them over and send them to her this week. I decide to make one more pass at my digital files to see if I have scanned them. I have bazillions of images just for this book, because I scanned artwork from the two previous editions and also have hundreds of digital files from new artists' submissions. I've already checked these, but I skipped a couple of folders where I am certain I would not have put them. This time I decide to take no shortcuts. You've already guessed--that's where I find both of them: in the illustrated color glossary folder. You know that feeling? I remember doing them. They disappeared without a trace. I was beginning to think my memory was failing me. All better now.


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