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Sunday, March 21, 2010


I received the following email from collage artist Jonathan Talbot about a new Web site that has some interesting possibilities. The message below is excerpted from his email:

These challenging times call for new ways of connecting artists with clients, collectors, curators, and each other.

Imagine that you are traveling to a part of the country you have never visited before and you want to find artists whose studios you can visit or whose works you can see in galleries. Imagine how difficult that would be and then imagine how difficult it is for people to find you. Most people want to search for artists by location and medium and up to now there has been no internet site which made that easy. That is why my colleague Robin Colodzin and I have created theartsmap.com.

theartsmap.com is an interactive worldwide map of artists, studios, arts organizations, museums, and more. The Arts Map allows users to search by medium, location, educational opportunities, type of organization, etc.

Clickable map markers provide detailed information about artists, their work, their studios, art galleries, museums, art schools, and arts organizations. Most markers also contain an image and a link to a website or blog.

Map markers on are user-generated. It takes just a few minutes to input information about your artwork or studio.

During the website's start-up phase, 12-month listings on theartsmap.com are free and completely without obligation. You are invited to visit theartsmap.com and see how it works. To create your map marker, click on "create account."

In order to receive your free 12-month listing you will need a "checkout code."
Please use the checkout code: FYFJAN. Please know that Robin and I believe
that theartsmap.com will become a valuable resource for all of us and
eventually we do plan to charge a modest fee for listings but right now 12-month listings are still entirely free and you cannot be billed.

I hope you will visit theartsmap.com and put your art, your studio, or your gallery "on the map." I also hope you will forward this e-mail (including the checkout code) to as many folks as possible so that www.theartsmap.com can realize its potential.

Check out the maps: Jonathan and Robin have subscribers from all over the world in every imaginable art medium. TheArtsMap is in Beta version and its future will be determined early in 2011. As Jonathan says in the paragraph above, you can help this project realize its potential by registering now for a free listing at theartsmap.com Pass the word along to your Facebook and Twitter friends, as well.

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Anonymous Jonathan Talbot, co-creator of said...

Hi Nita,

Checkout codes are no longer needed on The Arts Map. Basic artists listings are free and remain free forever. The ASrts Map now has lisitngs in 82 countries. Robin and I hope all readers of your blog will create listings.



9:25 AM  

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