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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Freezing acrylics

It has been so cold in Ohio this month, at one time descending below 0 degrees Farenheit. This morning it was 15 above. We've had a few warmer days, barely up to freezing, but will probably have even more cold ones over the next few weeks. I've had email questions in the past about freezing acrylics to keep them workable and have advised against the practice. Recently, I came across an email I received a while ago from Mike Townsend of Golden Paints: "Acrylic paints can freeze and in turn may not return to usable product. We do design the paints to withstand 5 freeze/thaw cycles (literally frozen solid and then allowed to return to room temperatures) or more as part of our quality control, but this is more so to prevent paint from going bad during shipment or storage. It's generally not a good idea to continually freeze the paints if one can avoid it."

So it isn't a good idea to leave your acrylic paints and mediums in your car during sub-freezing temperatures. This would include cars parked in unheated garages that might drop in temperature over a period of time.

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