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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mixing it up

Today was the last day of 5-6 year-old soccer. The kids have learned a lot since it started the last week of August. They all run the same direction and usually head for the right goal. Jenna doesn't daydream so much anymore and will get into a scramble--if she has to. She's very polite about letting others kick the ball if they want to. If she does get her toe on the ball, she'll go at it a couple of times, until someone else wants it. Then she'll move out of the way, looking pleased with herself. She's had a good time. We'll see if she wants to go out for soccer next year. My role is photographer and Daniel-watcher. He loves toddling around the fields, picking up stones ("Ack! Ack!" he says, when he spots one. "Rock? Rock?" Maybe.)



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