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Monday, May 08, 2006

Read the prospectus

I didn't read the prospectus carefully for a recent show I entered. The rejection notice stated that only twenty pieces had been selected as suitable to complement the sculpture exhibition of the juror, Miriam Martincic. Oops! I didn't realize this was her show. I thought it was a members' show of the organization. If I had caught that, I would have looked her up on the web, as I did this morning, and discovered that my work is totally unsuited to hang with her sculptures. As I helped register work for the show last Thursday I was puzzled at some of the entries. Now I understand. The artists read the prospectus. I've never before entered a show that was based on this premise. It will be interesting to see what was accepted when I pick up my rejected watercolor. Actually, I'm glad I didn't get in the show. Her sculpture isn't appropriate for my work. I should have read the prospectus.

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