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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Anyone for Popcorn?

A good day at the workshop. It's a small class, but very responsive. I visited with the chairman, Edie, and Magarita (must check on spelling) after class and through dinner--interesting conversation. Back at my room, I got ready for bed and planned to watch an art workshop DVD Edie loaned me, when the fire alarm went off. I called the desk and was told someone had burned popcorn in the microwave in the lobby. Okay, so no fire. But the alarm was literally deafening and I finally dressed and went outside (from the third floor) to wait until the fire department or someone shut off the alarm. I've been in hotels where there were false alarms before, but they were never this loud. I guess that's a good thing, if there really is a fire and I'm grateful there wasn't. But I honestly was afraid that sound could burst an ear drum. I guess I'm okay. Um, what did you just say?

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