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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hithergreen watercolor moving right along

The self-portrait project is pretty well finished now and most of the class is doing other things. There are a few who are doing portraits of other people, though, so we're seeing great improvement in these. Dennis had to miss several classes, but made up for it with his excellent likeness in his self portrait.

Jane tried a new twist in this one--a profile delineated with ink lines and tinted with watercolor. This has been a favorite technique of hers since we first tried it several months ago. I like her handling of the lines here.

Liz also missed classes, but painted this without a reference photo. The painting has a fresh and spontaneous look that I like.

I also did a brief demonstration on painting "glow," which you can see in a previous demonstration project on my Web site. However, I did the new demonstration wet-in-wet entirely.

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