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Friday, January 05, 2007

Artists in their studios

New York Times art critic Roberta Smith roamed the rooms of the Metropolitan to discover paintings of artists at work, a behind-the-image look at the artistic process as revealed in the paintings of artists of the past. This fascinating illustrated article is worth your time. I thought it interesting that Smith's investigation was initiated by the realization that a painting she had originally thought depicted three women having tea was actually a woman artist, a model and a studio visitor.

You're welcome to visit my studio and the studios of other artists while you're browsing.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Nita.........what a walk down memory lane for the "other artist studios". Some of the links are no longer working as some of the artists have changed their websites. I'll have to check on who wants to put up another link. Some are still there since they are on my server but it was so funny to see one artist's studio when she's been moved to France for several years now.

9:21 AM  

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