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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The art of bookkeeping

It doesn't seem like much of an art to an artist, but I'm sure an accountant would be very proud of what I've accomplished today. I was stuck at home while my car was being serviced, so I decided to tackle my 2006 papers and records. I can't believe I got the whole thing done. I'm almost IRS-ready. This is a first. Usually I just box the 2006 records right after New Year's, then put them aside to sort when my husband says he's ready to go to the accountant. I do all the household bookkeeping and my studio books, as well. Everything has been tallied up to correspond to the computer records. You cannot believe what a relief this is. Oh, yes, you probably can. Now would be the time to shoot off the fireworks I heard on New Year's Eve!

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