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Monday, August 07, 2006

Time flies

I didn't realize I hadn't blogged since Thursday until I checked in this morning. Time flies when you're having fun, or when you're working your tail off, whichever. I've been giving my house a thorough cleaning. I don't do this often. We don't clutter, so the place looks pretty good most of the time, if you don't mind the dust accumulating. Since I was an almost-obsessive house cleaner in my younger years, this is a huge change for me. I can't say it's a bad one. I decided a few years ago that I didn't want my epitaph to read, "She had the cleanest floors in town." So I phased out of my cleaning ritual and spent more time playing with the kids, learning to paint and writing books for artists, all of which are far more satisfying than dusting and mopping. Still, it feels good to have a shine on the place once in awhile.



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