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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Cathy Jeffers, Master Quilter

Cathy has had this quilt accepted into Quilt National now showing in Athens, Ohio at The Dairy Barn. Only 79 were selected from more than 1000 international submissions for the show. She's quite an artist with fabric. I love the picture--"The Artist and the Mermaid" 72"W x 87"H. Cotton, commercial and hand dyed fabrics, synthetics, mesh, wire, floral mesh, hand and machine pieced and machine quilted.
The closeup is the artist's face. Here are some of Cathy's comments on the piece:
Inspired by famous painting of artist and mermaids- also inspired by Van Gogh's bedroom painting where everything is out of perspective.The artist has never been able to capture the mermaid's beauty. (He is having an absinthe cocktail.) She has a sour face annoyed that she has been asked to continue to pose. She is likely to slip away. The shape of the quilt is irregular, and by a happy accident looks like the state of Ohio. So maybe the mermaid lives in the Ohio River??? It was fun... took many months and was done in sections. Comments have been- Where are her breast? It's my favorite! to "Oh- Mermaids are in!" I was trying to go for the most unlikely couple. Art like life brings individual's odd qualities together... and sometimes... they need to go their separate ways."

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