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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Catching up, almost

The fallen tree is gone and today the glazier replaced the broken window panes in the dining room. We're almost put together again, like Humpty Dumpty wasn't. About the only thing I'm feeling really sad about is the loss of a beautiful family heirloom, a Haviland Limoges footed bowl/basket that is over 100 years old. It's beyond repair. I can't even find anything equivalent to it on the Internet. I did find the manufacturer's mark, dating it to 1880-1894.

I've been working on my PowerPoint presentation for tomorrow night. I think I'm ready, but for this one, everything is a first: no slides, just my laptop and a digital projector. I was well advised by a blog reader to be prepared, so I have a power strip, an extension cable, a backup CD, and my own projector in case my program version doesn't like their projector or vice versa. I'm going to throw my projection screen in the car, too, just in case. Sounding a little paranoid, no?

The weather has been beautiful since the windstorm, warm and dry in the daytime, cool at night. I can't figure out what's making my allergies kick up. I never really had them until the past two or three years. They're saying the pollen is low, but the mold is high. Maybe that's it.

Our little soccer person actually made contact with the ball this week. She had two saves as goalie and backfield and worked the ball down field once, almost scoring. But when everyone else converges on the ball, she's out of there. Probably a good idea, since the middle of a collision of 8 to 10 six-year-olds probably isn't the greatest place to be.

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