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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Shannon Family Reunion

Last week was a riot, running up to our family reunion at our daughter's farm in Wilmington, Ohio. Thirty-six descendants and in-laws of my parents came from Boston, California, Colorado and Ohio to honor their memory. My daughter did most of it and she certainly did a good job. We started Friday evening with a potluck at the farm and after dinner watched a DVD that my nephew, who is in the film industry in California, had put together from old family movies dating back to the early 1940s through the last reunion in 2001. That was fun to see the families of my two sisters and me as our families were growing up. We got together on holidays when our parents were living and had a great time. On Saturday we all went to Fort Ancient State Park, a mound-builders' fort that has picnic facilities. After a picnic, the young people went canoeing on the Little Miami River and the "elders" returned to the air-conditioned house ostensibly to baby-sit our grandson. We had a grand time reminiscing when we weren't napping. Pizza was delivered for dinner on the patio. I should mention the weather, which was perfect--sunny and nice, although hot and humid, as you might expect in late July in Ohio. Sunday morning everyone assembled at my house in Dayton for donuts and coffee. We took group pictures and then set off on a trip down memory lane that my daughter had planned. First, we visited the house where my mother, her sister and brother were born between 1896 and 1904. It's a restaurant in the historic district now. We also drove by the house where my parents met and the church where they were married. We saw the house where all three of us were born and another where we grew up and lived for 18 years. The final lap on the trip was to the cemetery where our grandparents, parents and some cousins are buried on the same plot since 1938. It was quite a journey and a wonderful weekend. The oldest of our group is my sister at 78, the youngest is our grandson at 10 months.

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