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Friday, January 18, 2008

Fun day

We drove out in the country about ten miles this morning to pick up a bean bag chair for our granddaughter for her fifth birthday next week. I searched online and discovered these are made nearby, so we made our selection and picked up at the factory. Imagine buying anything made in the USA, not to mention in your own neck of the woods. Can't wait to give it to Jenna.

I spent the rest of the day on a last-minute project suggested by my editor for the new color book. She requested fifteen icons for the pages on color schemes. She suggested making the color wheels about four inches across. I tried that, but the scale was too small for my arthritic fingers to work with, so I switched to six inches and that worked well. So that job is done. The wheels will be reduced in size considerably to make icons on the pages. On Monday they will decide the final title of the book. I thought it was decided, but they were worried about a forty-year-old book that had the same title. FYI, titles aren't copyrighted, but in this day of easy-search and Amazon.com, the old titles keep cropping up. I'll let you know what the decision is as soon as I know.

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