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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Re-entering the real world

I haven't exactly been in Wonderland, but for awhile I felt like I had dropped into a big hole. It was great getting the book finished and enthusiastically received by my editor. I still have four items to turn in, which I've been doing off and on. In case you're wondering why I don't blog when I travel--I leave my laptop at home and pretend I don't have one. I need to take a break from the computer now and then, especially after the intensive work on the book.

The workshop in Montana was great--another terrific class of artists working together to discover the creative process. I was pleased with the show I juried in June. You never really know what you've done until you see the art hanging in a gallery. The Montana Watercolor Society offered some big prize money and lots of smaller awards. This show hasn't been discovered by artists who enter the bigger shows. Next year they're going digital, so start now to find a good photographer or polish your digi-skills. It's worth a try.

Kalispell is a neat little Western town. Bigfork, site of the show, is a vacation area with many galleries. The area is absolutely beautiful. Just a few miles away is Glacier National Park. I wish I could have gone there, but I had to return the day after the workshop.

Unfortunately, I came home with a sinus infection that laid me low for a couple of days. After that I did some baby-sitting for Daniel, 7 weeks old now. I'll be on nanny-duty starting next week for 4 1/2 days a week when my daughter goes back to work. I can work on her dining room table while the baby sleeps. Tomorrow I'm starting a new watercolor class at Hithergreen Center and looking forward to seeing what my students have been doing while I've been away.

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Blogger Annette Bush said...

Glad you are back, Nita. What a relief and a great accomplishment to get the book finished. Good luck on working on the dining room table while Daniel is asleep. My two never seem to sleep at the same time.

3:29 PM  

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