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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Come visit my art studio

Welcome to my studio. I've been doing a little clean-up and rearranging to clear the decks for working on illustrations for the new book. Floor space keeps getting smaller. I had to add a folding card table to pile research books, file boxes and such for the book. I'll be using my long tables to do some of the art work and don't want to keep moving stuff on and off the tables. My dream studio would have the office and computer in another room so I could devote the entire space to making art. Not gonna happen in this lifetime, but maybe next time around. This is a great workspace, though, and has good vibes. I'm going to see if I can photograph some of the art here under the full-spectrum lighting. I was reading my new camera instruction book last night and it says I can take a reading from a gray card and lock the exposure to shoot several pieces. It's worth a try. Any advice out there?

Here's a link to information about studio setup.



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