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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Masking watercolors and more

I never cared much for using liquid masks in my watercolors, except for protecting small whites from a big, juicy wash. The pouring techniques call for repeated masking, which I don't enjoy doing. Love the pouring, hate the masking. But some of my watercolor students love masking. I think it makes them feel safe to be able to protect areas from their wandering brushes. Doesn't matter. If it works for you, do it. They had several nice pieces for critique yesterday based on the masking and/or pouring.

I did a little demo with a drinking straw. I put a puddle of watercolor on the paper and blew across it with a straw. The paint shoots out in branches like grass, tree limbs or spider webs. One student wasn't feeling motivated until she tried the new technique. She did several and had a lot of fun with it. Remember this when you're taking a class. You don't have to do a painting every time. You can experiment and play with new techniques, having fun and learning at the same time without the pressure to make a painting.

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