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Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Little Artist strikes again

We fingerpainted yesterday and used computer paper instead of fingerpainting paper. It doesn't work as well, because the paint doesn't slip and slide as much, but still it was fun. We like big paper better, but once we figured out how to make handprints without putting a blob of paint on the paper first, it really got interesting. I "buttered" Jenna's hand with paint, using a plastic picnic knife, and she plopped it down on the paper for the print. She loved having both hands buttered with paint and found she could make more than one print each time. Unfortunately, her favorite color--purple--had turned into a gummy substance, so we couldn't use it, but every other color had a turn, except orange. Eventually we ran out of paper and floor space. Simultaneously, Daddy came home, so Grammy went back to the real world, where sticky hugs are just a warm memory.

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