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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Knitters and art quilters

The knitting workshop group was fun and enthusiastic. Around twenty registered but only 15 showed up. What a lack of consideration for the sponsors. It was in a nice location and a delightful, friendly group. They brought in food and had a potluck luncheon. They shared ideas and projects, worked out color schemes, and we critiqued color combinations on finished and new work. My problem with these workshops is that they're only one day. There simply isn't time to get anything done. I'd like to have participants knit swatches of color schemes they want to try and start a collection for future reference.

Some of the knitters needed basic color concepts and the confidence to use creative color. The art quilters next Friday are a more advanced group, so my challenge will be to get them to generate as many new color schemes as possible in the time allotted. We'll start right off the bat and I hope by the end of the day they'll have a collection of color schemes to refer to, as well as the start of a small quilt with a unique color scheme that they'll enjoy completing after the workshop.

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Blogger Andi said...

Hi, I'm in the group on Friday and was wondering if scraps are ok, I don't have tons of fat quarters to haul along. (I will bring the supplemental stuff though) See you soon!

11:19 AM  

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