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Thursday, March 23, 2006

More on fiber arts

Everything is ready for the Dayton Knitting Guild color workshop on Saturday, so I've been working on the Art Quilt Network retreat workshop a week from Friday. I found some fabulous web sites for contemporary art quilts, linked them to my web site under Fiber Arts and added a list to the bibliography and other handouts for the workshop. All this fiber business is making me want to knit and sew again, which I've done very little since I started painting in 1970. Now I hardly have time to paint, so I don't see how I could ever get into knitting and quilting. I'm bedazzled by the color and creativity of fiber artists who do original quilt and knitting designs. JoAnn Fabrics is having a big sale, merging two of their stores, so I bought some pieces called "quarter fats"--18" x 22" pieces of colored quilting fabric. They'll be fun to create color schemes with in the workshop. I have 24 pieces including all the colors of the spectrum and more, some with nifty patterns. I also went to Half-Price Books to look for knitting and quilting books on color, but I guess no one ever gets rid of the good ones.

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