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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Ultimate Emily Carr book

Yesterday I finally received my copy of Emily Carr. It's a gorgeous book and the first I've seen that has really good reproductions of her work. The book was produced to accompany the retrospective exhibition that began in Canada in 2006 and travels coast-to-coast through 2008. A few days ago I finished reading Forest Lover by Susan Vreeland, a fictionalized version of her life. I'm not much into playing "let's pretend" with biographies. It is well written and entertaining, but after reading nearly 1000 pages of The Complete Writings of Emily Carr, I feel Vreeland has taken too many liberties with the artist's life. I probably would have liked it better if she had given the main character a different name. Nevertheless, all this immersion into the life and art of Emily Carr has been fascinating. She was an amazing woman and artist who wrote stories and journals about her life and times (1871-1945) in western Canada that are entertaining and revealing.

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