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Monday, March 26, 2007

Collage Workshop in Dallas

The workshop at The Artists' Showplace was everything I hoped it would be--a dynamic group of artists who really got into the processes and possibilities of collage. There were twenty-two in the class, ranging from fairly new artists to experienced professionals, several of whom are partners at the Showplace gallery. What a fantastic space. The gallery is huge--two floors of well-lighted studio and display space for numerous artists to show their work. The workshop space is on the second-floor rear of the building. There are two rooms, so some of the class worked in the back room following demos. I think someone is working on a web page of workshop photos, so I'll post a link here when I find it.

Workshop coordinator Judith Irwin managed everything beautifully down to the last detail. She even had materials available for monotype on the last day, which made it easier for some who weren't well prepared for that. Pauline Caffrey hauled me back and forth to the airport, brought my lunches to me and assisted Judith during the workshop. Linda Rowe, another of Judith's helpers, is also a partner in the gallery and a member of the Paint-L group that I've corresponded with on email for more than ten years.

From the way everyone worked and played together during the workshop I thought they were probably all members or well acquainted, but I found out on the last day that most of the people had come some distance to attend. It's wonderful to have a group blend so well from beginning to end. I loved every minute of it.

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