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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thanks and Kudos

I'd like to thank these artists, whose work appears in New Creative Collage Techniques: Annis Allen, Donna Baspaly, Karen Becker Benedetti, Gretchen Bierbaum, Dodie Bluck, Chispa Bluntzer, Gerald Brommer, Pat Clark, Jane Cook, Marilyn Coppel, Patricia Cox, Leslie Crespin, Bing Davis, Jean Deemer, Pat Dews, Frances Dezzany, Carolyn Dubiel, Brian L. Dunning, Sharon Eley, Maya Farber, Thelma Frame, Ann Hartley, Rosie Huart, Betty Kiesel, Bob Kilvert, Debby Krejsa, Mary Langston, Marta Light, Katherine Chang Liu, Phyllis Lloyd, Cheryl McClure, Cody Miller, Shirley Eley Nachtrieb, Stephanie Nadolski, Alexander Nepote, Richard Newman, Rochelle Newman, Lynn Lynn Lawson Pajunen, Tomoko Parry, Robert Paschal, Joanne Peltz, Roy Ray, Jeny Reynolds, Merle Rosen, Susan Pickering Rothamel, Arthur Secunda, Delta Skinner, David L. Smith, Aki Sogabe, Marilyn Stocker, Sharon Stolzenberger, Elaine Szelestey, Jonathan Talbot, Peter Tytla, Jan Upp, Virginia Lee Williams, Jeanette Wolff, Edwin Wordell, Pam Brooks Hamilton.
Several have passed away since Creative Collage Techniques was published in 1994, but their work is still representative of good collage techniques and design. I'm so grateful for the generosity of all these artists in contributing their work so others might learn from it.

I haven't been able to contact the 7 artists whose names are underlined, so if you know anything about them, please email me at nita@nitaleland.com. Thanks.

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