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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Time flies when you're sorting photographs

Wow. Where did the last ten days go? I've been glued to my computer and haven't even had time to blog. What's up with that? I've been obsessively getting my image files reorganized onto my new external hard drive and reconnecting the files to the new PhotoShop Elements 5 program. What a job! I probably made more work for myself than I needed to by uploading my backup CDs to the new drive instead of selecting the files to save, but I was hoping to find some that got lost over the years.

Early in my computing days I scanned photos into my computer, but after I bought my first digital camera--a Sony Mavica--in 1998, I never used film again. It was so easy to take a shot and download (upload?) it to my computer that I didn't even mind that the resolution was so low--way less than 1MP in those days. But, as with most things electronic, I upgraded twice and by 2001 switched to a Canon G1, then in 2002 a Canon G2, and in 2004 a G6. Love those Canons. The G-series isn't as small as a pocket camera or as large as an SLR (the Mavica was too bulky for me) but is small and easy to handle, fully featured and has great optics. Plus, I love the swivel LCD.

My first objective in 2001 (my justification for spending so much on the camera) was to become a better photographer. I got fantastic closeups of wildflowers in Ohio, Colorado and Massachusetts and at the same time learned a lot about botany. In 2003 I focused on (pun intended) photographing our new granddaughter and have taken literally thousands of photos of her. The camera loves her.

By the time I got all these photos saved to the new hard drive and entered into PSE 5, I had more than 23,000 photos. After working diligently and not getting anything else done, I've deleted most of the dupes and the duds. The number is now down to around 12,000. I could probably delete a few more duds, but I've had it with photos for now. I do love digital photography, though, and I'm looking forward to photographing some of my work for the new book. Next year I'll be judging a show that may offer digital submissions, which will be interesting, too.

If you haven't gone into digital photography yet, check out my article on my web site for some guidelines on selecting a camera.

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Blogger Annette Bush said...

I just got my first digital -- which I love -- but wondered why I was spending so much time at the computer doing stuff with the images with no blogging. Glad to know it's not just me! Even though I already have my little Oympus, your article was helpful on a number of points.

10:02 AM  

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