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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Have slides, will travel

Have had a very busy week without much computer time. I've been on the go since a week ago Friday when I got back from the Dallas workshop. Still don't have the workshop web page made. That Friday night we went to a concert of the Poulenc Trio, a wonderful new group out of Baltimore that plays unusual music for piano, oboe and bassoon. Apparently the signature piece for that ensemble is by Poulenc. All the music in the program was wonderful, with the oboe and bassoon ranging from witty to somber. Worth rushing back from Dallas to hear it.

Following the usual weekend madness after a workshop--laundry, email, post office, shipping--I went to Monday watercolor class and we discussed their project I had prepared for them for last week while I was away. I had coated part of a sheet of Saunders Waterford paper with acrylic gloss medium for them to experiment on. Most of them didn't like it. It was interesting, because the class in Dallas loved the unusual appearance of the surface, which resists watercolor and has random texture very different from the watercolor paper itself. Fun to try and you may have some specific subject or style that it would work with. You can coat the sheet uniformly or with random big brushstrokes.

I got a call Monday night that the speaker for my Otterbein College Women's Club, which I'm president of this year, wouldn't be able to make it. I said I'd do a slide program, as I expected my slides to be delivered by UPS on Tuesday along with my other workshop materials. Oops. Next day I tracked my UPS packages and they had been rescheduled for delivery on Wednesday. So I pulled a chair up to my bookcase and searched among the slide programs for one that would work for a group of non-artists who are interested in everything. "The History of Color in Painting" was the one I decided and it seemed to go well. One gentleman had a nice nap, but the rest were attentive and a few asked questions.

Wednesday I had an appointment with the opthalmologist to check the status of my cataracts, which aren't yet a real nuisance. So I got a new prescription for my glasses to sharpen things up, I hope. The macular degeneration that runs in my family is evident but so far very slight. Not much I can do about that, I guess.

Thursday I met with my editor and designer at North Light Books about the new book I'm working on. The book is due at the publishers in September, 2007 for publication in August or September 2008. More on that at another time.

Yesterday I went to a meeting of the Tri Art Club of Dayton, which is a very old artists' group for women. It's a wonderful group. I had hoped to see a demo on oil pastels, but that presenter, too, had to cancel, so they asked members to talk about their art careers. It was interesting to hear how many different paths have led to their lives in art.

In and around all this activity I've been transferring my image files to a 200G external hard drive. I never dreamed that I could fill my 60G internal drive. My computer was getting so slow and had only 7G of free space. I figured while I was at it, I mize-well install Photoshop Elements 5, since my PSE 3 was misbehaving. Everything is working great, but my PSE 5 can't find some of my files on the new drive. So I'm working through thousands of files and backup CDs to get everything reconnected. This may take awhile.

Our big family day will be Christmas this year, when our three boys come home. Our daughter, nearby in Wilmington, Ohio, is having Thanksgiving, so I'll be doing pumpkin pie and sticky buns. Not too much pressure this week, but if I'm not blogging it's because I'm Photoshopping.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Those of you in distant parts of the world--have a wonderful week, too.

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