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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Updating web site links

I'm just about wiped out after adding dozens of art links to my web site. It's so easy to click the Favorites button when you see something you want to add later, but they sure do pile up. I also get a lot of emails from artists who want to be linked to my site. Those have been on hold, too, while I finished my book. I visit each site before linking to it and this takes a lot of time. I'm not wild about sites that feature hand-painted original van Goghs or your choice of Rembrandts and Vermeers. Then, there are the coupon sites, the marketing sites and the gallery sites where an artist can post work for a fee and hope to sell something without making a personal web site. I try to avoid those, but I've probably been suckered and have a couple on my links. I hope not. Let me know if you catch one. And speaking of being suckered, I hope you haven't fallen for the scams that are targeting artists now. You get an email that a guy just loves your art. Sometimes he names specific pieces. He sends you a money order, usually for a greater amount than the sale, and you're supposed to send him the balance when you ship the paintings. Of course, the money order bounces and if you've shipped the paintings, they're gone forever. One artist emailed a scammer to pay by PayPal and that made him disappear. I'm done ranting for now. Tomorrow I'm doing two lectures on color for a knitting guild in Dayton, always fun. I love fiber artists.

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