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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

SD Card Disaster With a Deadline

Have you ever inadvertently formatted an SD card in-camera, erasing an entire day's images of art demonstrations that can't be replicated before the deadline falls? Last Friday I finished shooting demos and artwork for my new collage and creativity DVDs. I planned to edit and resize images on Saturday, ship on Sunday so they would arrive on my Tuesday deadline. Except for a few shots I took before I went to bed Friday night, everything was gone from my SD card. I was in shock. After a while I realized that I'd formatted the card, thinking that I'd saved my files on my hard drive--but I hadn't. Somehow, when I thought I was saving the files they were actually being written back to the SD card instead of the hard drive. I blame i-Tunes. I think the program reset the Auto-play on my drives. Well, I'd heard it might be possible to retrieve the files, but it would take an expert to do it. I didn't have time to make phone calls or bother my son-an-law, so I googled the Web. In short order, I found Stellar Phoenix.The neat feature of this program is that it first checks your SD card for files and shows you what is available for retrieval. Then, if you find what you need is still there, for $39 you can download the program and retrieve your files with it. I recovered 171 files and went straight to work on my editing. I noticed that there are a lot of free programs that claim to do this, but I didn't see anything that shows you the files before you commit to the retrieval. I hope this helps someone--and if you know of other resources for this service, please share a comment.  p.s. I met my deadline.


Blogger Joyfulartist said...

How clever of you to dig into this problem. I erased a whole trip to Israel from my SD card and was told that an expert to retrieve the pictures would cost me several hundred dollars. Previously my husband erased a whole trip to Italy! It's that darn format choice! It should be labeled that it totally erases your pictures. Thanks for the tip that there is now a cheaper fix for this.

8:25 PM  
Anonymous Stellar Phoenix said...

Thanks for supporting our product.

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