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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Book Busy-ness

I've been busy all week getting together a mailing to artists for art for the new book. This is a big job, since I use so much outside artwork for all my books. There were 104 artists in The New Creative Artist. There won't be so many this time, but more art from each of the contributors. I visit galleries, shows, web sites and look at magazines and books to find art or styles I can use. This time I contacted all but two of the artists by email to see if they were interested, and all but one responded.

Now I'm preparing a mailing that includes a cover letter describing the book, a form giving permission for use of their art, and a two-page information sheet on photographing their art for reproduction, which took me most of Friday to put together.

I've verified most of the mailing addresses, but when I tried to print them, my Epson printer didn't print the format right. The file was created for my HP, which ran out of black ink yesterday, typical when you're trying to get something out the door. So, of course, I missed the deadline on the postage increase.

I've been using the computer since I started my first book in 1983 and now the range of tasks I can do is amazing to me. The internet helps a lot, too. All this technology is great--until the printer runs out of ink or the internet connection locks up. Well, I'll get this mailing out the door soon and can get back to writing the last three chapters of the book. Not much time for blogging, though.

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