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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Art book editors--a song of praise

After having knocked down book editors in general, I want to make a special point to praise the editors I've worked with on my book, The New Creative Artist. I've always had reasonably good rapport with my editors in the past, but for some reason this experience has been extraordinary. Is there such a thing as a "soul editor"? For the initial phase of the book after I signed the contract I had little contact with the editor, which is fine with me, as I don't like someone looking over my shoulder. But when I turned in the manuscript I learned that she was leaving and someone else would be assigned my book. Oh, no! My book would be an orphan! I couldn't have been more wrong. My editor is fantastic. She has a sharp eye and has been sensitive to my concerns from start to finish. She doesn't dictate, she suggests. We've been a great team. Her attention to detail and her personal concern for my book--I find myself calling it "our book"--assure me that we will have a finished book we will both be proud of. I can hardly wait till July!

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